Lovely day trip to Cadaques... still reminiscing on how wonderfully forgiven this summer was. It was spent like an agitated itch on the back but in a good way. I am still mentally preparing myself for this incoming school year. Wish me luck!   xo. J

Tossa del Mar.

Beautiful day spent driving along the curves of dreamy Catalonia coastal highway to a quiet hidden beach (required some hike and an adventurous spirit). And I was instantly in love with absolutely everything. The stunning view and tranquility of the surroundings away from busy Barcelona center full of tourists. Needless to say I will be … Continue reading Tossa del Mar.

bon profit! A guide to brunch spots in Valencia, Spain.

Being in Spain for 3 years now, I've definitely missed the weekend brunch culture in the US (especially in college town setting). However in recent years I think the concept of brunch has made its way to Europe and particularly Spain. Here I think the closest thing to brunch is called "almuerzo" which can be … Continue reading bon profit! A guide to brunch spots in Valencia, Spain.