This Week #OOTD: Fifty Shades Of Grey

This week’s #ootd only follows one rule: GO GREY!

Outfit #1 – Prep Girl

This grey one piece short sleeve dress is very IN right now. I can see a preppy girl rocking this look with a Starbucks in hand.

Outfit #2 – Calabasas

Work the grey into the thigh high boots! This look is casual yet sexy.

Outfit #3 – Business Casual

Business altheisure at its finest! Grey + baby blue also adds an unexpected twist to this outfit.

Outfit #4 – Parisian afternoon

It’s all about being comfortable and effortlessly sexy! Throw on a big snugly grey sweater pair with beautiful pointy flats to instantly upgrades this relaxing look.

Outfit #5 – Pinky Swear

This is a very feminine outfit which works in the light pink color to settle the overall mood of this look.

Outfit #6 – Stockholm Syndrome

Inspired by all the dope street style photography of pedestrians in the North region of Europe.

For more details, please click on each link!


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