Self Defined.

It’s been awhile since I last posted on an official “blog”, it feels oddly satisfying yet new and refreshing. The year of 2017 is all about self defining for me (as if I haven’t been doing that my whole life haha) and finding a balance between feeding my soul and securing my pocket (trust me, it is very DIFFICULT and indeed a privilege to have both). After all, I can’t recall the exact moment when I stopped blogging. The hectic schedule and just life in general got me carried away and I somehow managed to slip. I know that is not an excuse to not commit to something you are passionate about, but living in this digital age where everything is “fast food” style: studying, checking up 4-5 social media, facetiming friends, and making plans for the weekends can be done within the matter of 1 hour. We do everything BUT to slow down and to live, or to check ourselves to see if we are living or just letting life devours and consumes us.

Couple years ago pre-Spain, this passion for the fashion/styling bloggers internet world was slowly fading away as I struggled to cope with making certain important decisions that could change my life forever. At one point I really thought this academic decision would took from me and drain all of my creativity, my passion and thirst for persuading my artistic dream, but instead it motivated me and forced me to confront with what my heart really wants and how I can make my ‘dreams’ into reality. And this whole process is what I would called “self defining”. Through trials and errors, here I am rekindling with my old love while mingling with new one. Fast forward to now, here I am committing to my studies in Spain with a clearer objectives and a straight mind. I’ve learned that to become a successful and full-filled person, having a plan is always an essential criteria before anything else comes into the picture. And rather than dwell on the sadness not being able to persist on what I wanted as a career, I chose to open up my mind by redefining and re-positioning myself. My sense of purposes have changed over the years since I first came to Spain. I came to realize that I am still young and I should be living up to the fullest (as cliche as that might sound) potential I can possibly be. Thus restarting my blog is a good way to not only secure my studies, but also a good motivation for me to continue on this fashion journey. Above all, I fell in love with the effortless charm and open-minded atmosphere in Spain. The warmth of the people, the everlasting sun, tasty cuisines, and most importantly the lively and ecological consciousness of the city lifestyle is something I’ve never seen before anywhere else in the world. The people live with a certain attitude and pace that only makes sense in this quirky wonderland.

2017010754245 PM-5036374

Port of Barcelona

2017010754422 PM-4724877

Port Vell de Barcelona

A friend of mine visited me from New York over winter break and I took this perfect opportunity from studying for exams to wondering around/ getting lost in the Barcelona Gothic quarter and Barcelona Port. Perhaps it was luck or perhaps it was fate – either way I found this simple yet classic Friday’s Project Sweatshirt walking around La Rambla, Barcelona. Needless to say it was love at first sight — plus the sale (Spanish rebajas) didn’t hurt either, thus I’ve been hooked ever since. The whole store and its vibe is all about less is more, simplify your life, and an loud unapologetic appreciation for the beauty of emptiness. As it is mentioned in the website, the philosophy of the brand is for women who are committed to the present. Women who are likely to want to move an around and get to work in these clothes without restrictions. The idea of comfort and light clothing with little pattern or excessive flamboyant colors is indeed a breath of fresh air in the Barcelona fashion scene, distinguishing it from the vivid variety of Gaudi inspired patterns and rich textiles.The brand also emphasized on being ‘conscious’ of the earth using organic fabrics and recycled fibers. With the simplicity concept of the brand, it is no surprise that you don’t need lots of clothes to create variety of outfits. They are extremely versatile and can go with any pieces in your wardrobe. Friday’s Project is for the women who persuade a simple, personal, and particular lifestyle, a life that is done tastefully and purposely doesn’t burden every inch of soil that she set her foot on.




To even make a stretch (my own interpretation) of the idea and mission of this brand: it is about letting go as a woman. Letting go of the past or yesterday, the excessive baggage and expectations that your friends/family/colleagues/society pushed upon you. Women or men often continuously falling for the presence of capitalism and consumerism, feverishly buying items that we don’t really need later on in life, when in fact, we should make every day count, and be more aware of how we choose to live. It is about to reset everything back to ground one and truly make a conscious decision about how we want to connect with the surrounding and the earth and its people.

2017010752439 PM-2706009

Sign seen in the store.

2017010752434 PM-4246556

Steps into the store.

What I adored about this brand is the details they put into communicating with their consumers. On the web page, there is a link to the kind of materials they use for each piece of clothing, and customer has the option to select each individual material desired and shop online based on personal preference. It is a good way to raise awareness about the origin of the garment and how it came together to be in the shop today. It is important as a shopper to feel that we are connected to the brand and that it genuinely cares about our will being. Click HERE to see each material that FB have to offer.

If you are a fan of Muji, The Line, Beklina, Mr. Larkin, etc. If the simple earthy aesthetic is for you, then you definitely cannot miss out this one! Check out Friday’s Project website. Also the address is provided down below:

FP Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas, 68
08002 Barcelona, ES-B

Love the whimsical, airy, and organic vibe…deffo one of my favorite stops every time I go to Barcelona. Hopefully you will like it as much as I do ♡

Signing off…

xo. J

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