Woman of the week: Monica Bellucci

I decided to start this Series of posts called “Women of the Week” to honor one woman I find stylish and iconic in the history (or present time). This is the first week so I am starting it off strong with Monica Bellucci – the ageless Italian model/actress. Being a 90s baby (1995 to be exact) born in the US, I wasn’t too familiar with her name until one day I watched the 2000 movie Malèna and I immediately looked her up. There are so many pictures of her on Tumblr (I mean, of all places) and I was hooked by the effortlessly sexy energy she radiates in every photograph ever taken of her. I like the unapologetic and confident her images are. I’m drawn to how simple yet incredibly seductive her style is. By the way, does this woman ever aged?

Early years:

Monica Bellucci, Italian Actress & Model Bettina Rheims / H&K Paris, Hotel Le Meurice Indoor Make-up: Christophe Danchaud Hair: Roberto Pagnini Stylist: Claire Emilie Sibylle Color
20030201: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Born in 30 September 1964 in the Italian village Umbria. Monica Bellucci originally pursued a career in the legal profession while she modeled to earn money for school. Although enjoying great success as a model, she made her acting debut on TV in 1990 and in 1992 on American movie Dracula by Bram Stocker. PHOTO: BRADLEY PATRICK/HEADPRESS/CITY FILES

Style Notes:

  • Her style is simple and bold. Whatever you’ve got show it! And in this case, opt for a simple formfitting busty one-piece spaghetti dress and put on red lipstick (find the color tone that suits you!).
  • The hair doesn’t have to be styled all the time, but having some volume is always nice.
  • Manicured hands. ALWAYS.
  • Finally, be confident with who you are and pose accordingly.

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