Van Loon.


2017020322749 AM-2362536

Spending an amazingly torpid afternoon visiting one of the many museums alongside Amsterdam canal with my travelling buddy. We didn’t go into it with any expectation at all and needless to say, it was worth every penny…incredibly beautiful and tranquil. Everything from the exquisite details of each room to the intricate decor of the comprehensive styles from the Far East during the Golden Age, everything just screamed #InteriorGOALS.

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We even got to play hide and seek with the house cat (quite a sassy one) in the garden.

catcanal bridge

To make a visit to Museum Van Loon, be sure to check out their official website:

If you enjoy getting some visual interior designs inspiration and not getting too overwhelmed with extensive artworks in a larger scale museum, make sure to check out Van Loon. Plus if you get lucky you might even be able to pay a visit to the fluffy spirit of the house.




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