It spring time again! And every week my urge to go flower shopping is only gradually increasing. Peonies have always been my favorite flowers (next to roses and lavender). So it came as a surprise to me that I had no knowledge whatsoever on it and had to look up peonies’ flower meaning. What is not so surprising is that peony is believed to be named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods(that corresponds to my current studies, duh).

In the recent decade, peonies have also been used as a fashion accessory and the perfect transition pic in every fashion girl’s instagram layout. I personally adored peonies fulsome appearance and their ability to instantly upgrade a space when placed in a room.

Here are some of the fun facts I found on the internet which basically proves that peony is me in flower form:

  • As mentioned above, medicine/physician origin
  • Native to China (where my ancestors are from)
  • Lush, rounded, and fulsome appearance
  • It is also called the flower of “riches and honor”, need I say more???

If you are ever interested in planting your own peonies in the backyard/garden, here is a brilliant video that is a step to step instruction on HOW TO PLANT PEONIES.

If you find the real one too high maintenance, here is a DIY on how to make realistic fabric peony flowers:


I hope this post inspired you… Happy Spring!



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