Catch me inside: RENOIR.


Fundacion MAPFRE

Porcelain painter – Amongst Women

A look into Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s World


Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (1876)


From modern to classical ideal:

My first time visiting French artist Renoir art show at Fundació Mapfre Barcelona – and it definitely made quite an impression. It is the perfect balance of femininity, intricacy and exquisite details. I am obsessed with the juxtaposition between the soft hue and bright palate in each painting, the feathery, careless brush strokes yet defined features of the female figures. Renoir spent a good amount of time surrounded by women and feminine energy inspired him to create each portrait. Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (1876) is probably one of his most famous work. I’ve never seen the painting so close up before and the amount of details and color combinations really is intriguing. I spent quite awhile just imagining that I was part of this painting inside the trendy neighbor of Montmartre, fine wine in the hand and enjoying a great afternoon dancing with friends.


Another painting that really caught my eyes was The Large Bathers (1884-87), focusing on three beautiful fair skin women near the bank of a river. This piece grabbed my attention immediately because it is very uncommon especially during the artist’s time. It’s extraordinary to see how it affects the work of playing between modern Impressionism and traditional artistry. I was also quite impressed with the way Renoir depicted women in his time: sturdy and robust, yet romantic and effortless. Even though this women have the quality of traditional forms of “perfect” women with flawless transparent skin, the way he portrayed them allowed these figures to be more “real” and less god-like, thus more relatable. Again the contrast and balance of mixed elements in his painting is what makes them so enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Renoir not only did portraits on grown women, he also mastered at painting children with their household pets. He often painted his wife with his son, and his servants and working women who were around him. His style is perfect to illustrate the innocence of child, the love between a mother and son and daily chores that are infused into his inspiration. It’s not difficulty to feel the romanticism of his world through the lens of his artwork.

After seeing the exhibition, I was so inspired and so proud to be embracing femininity figures. I think there is not a narrow concept of femininity. It can be expressed in various ways. And soft and strong can go together hand in hand. Renoir certainly believed in that as this concept was sipping through all of his work repeatedly.

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To learn more about Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life : HERE.

Some of his famous Art works.


xo, J




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